Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz Linked To New James Bond Movie

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz was first linked to a role in the 24th James Bond movie last summer, but now speculation has been renewed after her name was spotted on an alleged leaked Sony document.

French magazine Premiere has picked up on a Sony release update that lists Penelope Cruz’s name alongside returning stars Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris.

It’s not clear if it’s a genuine document or, if it is, if (more…)

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To valet or not valet?

valetOne sure way to be cool like Bond is to use the parking valet whenever you can. Yet I find so many people I talk to do not know how to do so. I also hear a lot of objections from people on reasons why they do not want to use the services. The valet is just as safe if not safer than parking the car yourself. Certainly if your Bond Girl is traveling alone she should always use the valet if the service is available. Here we discuss what is valet parking and why you should use it. (more…)

john travolta bond villain

John Travolta as a Bond Villain?

john travolta bond villain

During an interview with The Telegraph, John Travolta told the outlet he’s always wanted to play a James Bond villain, and the dream actually isn’t as far fetched as you might imagine. He’s had conversations with the producers about it and everything.
“I would love that. They’re going a different way with their villain in this next film but I’ve spoken to Barbara Broccoli about it and she loves the idea, so that would be great.”

Broccoli is the daughter of famed original James bond producer Cubby Broccoli. She’s worked, in some capacity, on (more…)

james bond

BBC America Quiz: Which James Bond Are You?

Here is a “‘Fleming’ Personality Quiz: Which James Bond Are You?” I found on BBC America.

Take the quick quiz and post in the comments below which Bond you are.

My results: Greetings 007, you are Roger Moore!
Other Bonds are flinty, or shouty, but your main weapon is charm. You wander into situations with a roguish grin on your face, make a few quips, kill a few henchmen, and then you’re off to change for dinner and a night of passion with a willing conquest.
This means that sometimes people think you have an easy time of it, and this can make them react with jealousy whenever you get what you want. But that’s their problem. You just keep on being you, and if sometimes you appear to be at odds with the changing times, that’s just something you’ll have to learn to live with.

Which Bond are you?

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